Our Visual Media Services

Monthly WordPress site Management

Management of your WordPress website and local emails (see “One-Off Services” below for more to do with G Suite or Office 365 emails). If we host your website and 1 domain name than the cost for these are included in the below, but if not, or you have multiple domain names, then additional costs can be incurred. We provide a free review of every website before managing it; however, there could be a setup fee involved depending on the amount of work involved in getting it ready to begin the maintenance packages.

Monthly Recap Videos

Videos designed to promote your business through recapping how your business has succeeded over the past month and to promote any upcoming events/sales. These will be delivered close to the end of each month in both social media and Youtube/Vimeo formats.

One-Off Services

Click on any of the icons below to be taken to your mail client where you can let us know about your project or requirements so we can provide you with a tailored quote.

Video Adverisements

From 30 second social media ads to 3 minute promotional video, we offer it all. Let us know your project and we’ll give you a competitive price.

Editing Services

If you’ve a bunch of video but no skills to make it into a comprehensible completed product then let Empower Media take care of it for you.

G Suite & Office 365 setup

Google and Microsoft offer the best of the best in email, productivity and collaboration tools. We’ll set all of it up for you, hassle free, and even train your office to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We trust that these FAQs answer most of your questions, but if not please email us at ezekiel@empowermedia.com.au to ask your question.

Will I be locked into a contract?
Not at all. All our packages are billed monthly and can be changed or canceled at any time.


Can I change/upgrade my package?
Absolutely. Since there is no lock in contract, you are free to upgrade or downgrade whenever it suits, once a billing cycle.

How do the “One-Off” services work?
These services are designed to be standard single transactions in which we provide a single service for a single payment. For instance, if you requested a Video Advertisement, we would create 1 video ad for your organisation for 1 payment from you.